May 13, 2012
Black Tie……

11:35 pm…..Marcus stared across the room at his wife Kim as she mingled with the other wives of his business partners. Her body seemed perfect for the somewhat tight evening gown that adorned her magnificent body. On the ride over to the hotel where the lavish banquet was being held Marcus held himself back from lifting his wife’s gown and ravishing her right then and there. He held himself back knowing they had to attend the black tie affair for Marcus’ firm. As they pulled up and exited the limo the couple caught the attention of everyone entering the lavish hotel on the harbor of Washington, DC. They mingled happily among Marcus’ coworkers before leaving to the event to cruise the Potomac River on Marcus’ sixty foot yacht. Marcus held Kim’s hand as they walked down to the dock where his yacht the S.S. Beauty was docked waiting. Kim was escorted on and escorted to the dining area where Marcus has arranged for chocolate covered fruits and champagne to be set up for his wife. Kim showed her surprise and kissed Marcus deeply before feeding him a chocolate covered strawberry. Marcus hugged her and grabbed her large round firm ass. She bit her lip as she could feel his erection through his tuxedo slacks. The two took turns feeding each other fruit as the yacht made its way down the Potomac River. Marcus stood behind Kim as she sat in her chair sipping champagne he massaged her soldiers as he told her how beautiful she was and how much he loved her being his wife. Kim felt herself becoming more and more aroused as her head lay back on his growing erection. Marcus used a remote to start a play-list of the couples favorite love songs. Kim rose from the chair and turned to kiss her husband. They kissed passionately as the undressed each other at a fevered pace. Marcus picked her up and sat her on the bar in the dining area of his yacht he kissed her d-cup breasts as she ran her hands over his head. Marcus made his way down her stomach to her wet pussy that he craved since the limo ride to the hotel. Kim lay back anticipating the sensation she was in for. She spread her legs wide and held the back of Marcus’ head as he licked her clit as fast as he could move his his tongue,┬áhe slowed the pace as he slid his tongue in and out of her. Kim moaned loudly as her back arched in orgasm. Marcus lifted his head and before picking his wife up from the bar and flipping her into a standing sixty-nine. Kim grabbed his thick dick with both hands as he slid his tongue from her pussy to her ass and back and forth. Kim jerked his dick before sliding the head into her mouth. her head moved fast as she pleased her husband with her great oral skills. The two moved to sofa nearest the large windows of the yacht, Kim got on all fours with her hands on the window glass Marcus slapped her ass and slid his dick inside her wet throbbing pussy. Kim moaned loudly as her┬áhusband picked up the pace. Marcus loved how smooth his wife’s chocolate skin as he gave her large round ass another slap as she threw it back on his dick. Marcus flipped her on her back as she kissed his lips. He fucked her hard and fast she screamed “fuck me” as she dug her manicured nails into his back. Marcus felt himself almost near orgasm so he focused on the DC skyline as the yacht cruised slowly. Marcus bit his bottom lip with passion as he grabbed his wife’s throat and fucked her hard. She orgasmed with a loud scream, Marcus could feel her juices drip down his balls. He loved when he made Kim squirt he knew his beautiful wife was being pleased completely. The two continued fucking until moving to the back of the boat where Kim straddled Marcus and rode his dick slowly the two kissed as Marcus palmed her ass. He began guiding her ass up and down quickly on his dick. Kim sucked and bit his neck as she felt Marcus shoot loads of cum in her pussy the two kissed in orgasm before laying on each other in exhaustion as the yacht made its way past Nationals Stadium. END

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