March 19, 2012

He waited patiently for his final client to finish up on the treadmill as he looked her over. He had been training her for the past 3 months and the progress she was making was astonishing. Her she was thirty two years old newly divorced and getting fit so she could maneuver the dating scene once again. ¬†She finished her last mile and he high fived her for the effort. She walked off slowly to the locker room. He straightened the desk and made sure all the common areas were clean when he heard her voice yell for him. Startled, he ran over to the entrance to the women’s locker room…he yelled in to see what the issue was. She yelled for him to come inside. He walked in quickly where he saw her sitting with a towel covering her chest and asked him to rub lotion on her back because her arms were sore from the workout…he hesitated but began rubbing the lotion into her back. She moaned lightly at his strong hands on her tender body..She relaxed her body in his strong hands. He scooted closer to her as she lay back on his muscular chest…he rubbed her shoulders relaxing her oh so sore muscles. He felt his dick get hard as she moaned lightly. He was certain she could feel it…She lay all the way back resting her head on his chest. He slid his hand down to her small yet perky nipples. Her body was a chocolate and her nipples pertruded nicely from her body. He played with her nipples causing her to moaning and bite her lip in pleasure. He slid his hand down her stomach as she squirmed in anticipation of his fingers on her already wet pussy. He slid his hand over to her clit and down into the wetness and back up to the clit and repeated the process. She clawed at his shirt as he pleasured her with his hand….he whispered in her ear “you always wanted this didn’t you?” She responded with a gasp of a “yes”. He told her to lay on her back on the bench. She did as she was told while he sucked on her soft wet pussy lips. It had been so long since her pussy was eaten..her hips lifted from the bench, he rose with her hips. He stood with his kegs on both sides on the bench with her pussy in his mouth and just her shoulders pressed against the bench. She shook and mumbled incoherently in orgasm. He lowered her body as he licked her from her clit to her ass. He stood and lowered his sweat pants. She salivated at the thought of his dick in her mouth. She lay on her back and slid under his dick to stare at the thick meat as it dangled in front of her. She lifted her head while laying on her back and sucked the tip. He squatted to let his deep go deeper in her mouth she sucked it in deep into her mouth with loud slurps and gags…he stood her up pushed her up against the locker with his hand on her throat and kissed her as if she was a lover he hadn’t seen in years. He put his hands under her arms and lifted her as he slid his dick inside her…she dug her nails into his back as he stretched her pussy. He and guided her up and down on his dick as he kissed her mouth and sucked her tongue. He put her down and turned her as he shoved his dick in her from behind while she held the lockers for balance. He gripped her hair with one hand and fucked her hard. She could feel herself cum on his dick as she moaned loudly. He sat down never removing his dick from her as she rode him reverse cowgirl. He leaned back and smack her ass and told her to fuck it like the nasty bitch she was. That turned her on more as she used his knees for balance and rode him faster. She decided she wanted him on his back with his legs on either side of the bench. She rode him cowgirl so he could see her perky titties bounce he thrusted his dick into her causing her to cum. He called her his nasty bitch again as she slid off his dick and quickly put her warm mouth to it sucking and jerking at the same time. This time it was he who’s body was lifting from the bench as he yelled out as he shot his warm gift into her mouth..she continued sucking causing him to moan at the sensitivity. The two showered together before leaving for the night. Both looking forward to the next session.

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