January 8, 2012
Door to Door

Ricardo stepped out of his house on the 80 degree day in May he had been home from college down south for the past week and a half or so and here he was a knife sales man going door to door trying to get people to buy what looked like the cheapest knives he had ever seen. He thought to himself here I am 22 years old, a college graduate and I’m selling knives door to door. This wasn’t what he pictured as his dream job when he did his happy dance across the stage  He decided to walk around his mother’s quiet Upper Marlboro, MD neighborhood. His family had just moved into the area from DC about two months prior to him graduating with a degree in Marketing. He walked down the quiet street and entered into a cul de sac to the first house he saw with a car in the driveway. He looked at the well manicured lawn and the S550 Benz in the driveway. He walked to the door adjusted his red tie on his white shirt and made sure his freshly iron slacks where in order before ringing the doorbell. Ricardo took a deep breath as he ran over the greeting he practiced the previous night. He rang the doorbell and waited a few moments before the door opened. A pretty middle aged woman opened the door with a concerned look on her face. Ricardo introduced himself and showed her a picture of the knives he intended to sell. She looked him up and down and invited him in to her home. He stepped inside of the split foyer home where he smelled sweet smelling candles burning. She closed the door behind him and invited him to the second level. He noticed she was only wearing a robe that she held closed with her hands. She sat on the chocolate brown sofa and crossed her legs as she gestured for Ricardo to sit. She introduced herself as Karen. Ricardo looked the woman up and down she was surely in her mid to late forties with the body of a twenty five year old. Ricardo proceeded with his presentation stumbling over words as he was nervous presenting for the first time. Karen stopped and told him to relax..he tried again to get through his presentation and began stuttering. He sat down frustrated…Karen stood behind him and rubbed his shoulders telling him it would be ok….Karen loved the way her hands felt on his muscular shoulders. She continued rubbing his shoulders as she leaned in to let him feel her perky round breasts on the back of his head. Ricardo felt himself become aroused and wondered to himself was this really happening. Ricardo felt is dick throbbing as he almost burst through his black slacks. Karen whispered in his ear for him to take it out as she licked on his ear lobes. He unzipped and reached in to let his long and very thick love muscle from its cotton prison. Karen was pleasantly surprised at how large the young mans penis was, she knew right away she wanted it inside her. She walked around in front of Ricardo and opened her robe to show off the body she worked hard for in the gym on a daily basis. Ricardo was in awe at the woman’s body. Her caramel brown skin was smooth and tight and her breast were so round and perky. She stepped closer to Ricardo to give him a closer look. He rubbed his hands on her body pulling her close and palming her plump round ass. He licked up her stomach as he sat on the edge of the chair. She ran her hands through the medium length dreadlocks. As he wildly put his tongue over her body she let the robe fall to her feet. She stopped Ricardo from what he was doing and guided him down the hardwood floor hallway to her bedroom. Ricardo looked around and noticed a porn movie on pause in the bedroom and a vibrator laying on the bed. Karen slid the vibrator under her pillow. as she stood there naked undressing Ricardo. She started with his tie as she kissed his lips standing in front of her bed. She moved to unbutton his shirt as bit his lips and sucked his tongue. Karen rubbed his muscular chest and ran his hands down his abs amazed at the body he had. she undid is belt and let his pants fall to his feet. His hard dick hung out of the slit in his boxers, Karen kissed down his stomach as he stood there unprepared for what was indeed happening. Karen grasped his hard dick with both hands and lifted it into her mouth with a hard slurping sound. She sucked and jerked him with both hands as she massaged his shaft with her tongue. Ricardo had gotten head from girls at school but none like this. She continued sucking moving her head back and forth causing Ricardo’s legs to go numb as he fell to the bed. She kept sucking as he moaned loudly. Karen let the dick fall from her mouth and let out a gasp as she caught her breath. The two switched positions as Karen laid there she gestured for Ricardo to come eat her pussy. Ricardo kissed her titties and moved down to her pussy he kissed and licked without any certainty of how to please the woman. Karen spread her pussy open and exposed her clit. She told Ricardo to suck on it he did as he was told. She instructed him to suck on her outter lips and slide his tongue in her. Ricardo learned fast and soon had Karen grinding on his face and moaning she held the back of his head with both hands as she pushed her pussy onto his face. She let him go and spread her legs far apart. Ricardo smiled as he knew he was skilled with his dick. He rubbed his dick head on her clit teasing her before sliding deep inside her. He pushed himself all the way inside her and slid all the way out. She moaned loudly at the length and girth of Ricardo’s dick. He sucked her titties while he thrust inside her causing her to moan and bite his chest and earlobes. Ricardo picked up the pace fucking her hard holding her ankles and spreading her legs. He maneuvered her legs into many positions as he pushed deeper inside as he reached behind her head and put the vibrator on her clit. She moaned and shivered as she came all over his dick and the vibrator. Ricardo pushed deep inside as he laid on top her and rolled over with out removing his dick so that she was on top. Karen smiled and held his arms down as she worked her hips up and down causing her pussy to queef. Ricardo loved the way her pussy felt. Karen asked him was this the best pussy he ever had..he answered yes yes..she rode him faster before he asked could he hit her from the back. She climbed off and got on all fours she spread her knees and arched her ass high. Ricardo pushed his dick inside of her with his feet on the floor she moved her ass back and forth as Ricardo commanded her to fuck him. He slapped her ass and began pounding her pussy she grasped at the sheets as she moaned. Ricard grab her wrists and held them behind her back as he felt her juices drip down his balls. Karen screamed out fuck me fuck me the sound of her moaning pushed Ricardo to the limit as he pulled his dick out and sprayed cum all over her round ass. She lay there quivering still in orgasm. Ricardo layed with her and kissed her deep. They both caught there breath and Karen asked if he could return tomorrow maybe she would buy some knives. END

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