December 18, 2011
Comfort Zone………..

Here it was 6:30 on a Friday evening and Raquel was preparing to leave the office for the day. It had been a long week and all she could think about was maybe getting a glass of wine to relax for the day. She packed her things and headed out of the the office. It was dark and blistery cold as she packed her lap top bag into her trunk and let her car warm up. She made her way to a local downtown bar where she she sat at the bar sipping a glass of Riesling and tweeting from her phone. Guy after guy offered to buy her drinks however, she turned them all down in disgust of the ways they all approached her with their cliche lines. She ordered another glass of the smooth wine and sipped it slow as she scrolled the monotony of her timeline. As she scrolled in boredom a sweet aroma tickled her nose. It was a familiar scent she recognized it as Yves Saint Lauren. She always loved the scent of that cologne on a man. She looked over and saw a tall about six foot two white gentleman. He wore a blue tailored suit that spoke corporate finance to Raquel. She looked up at him batting her eyes. He made eye contact with his blue-ish greenish eyes and said hello before ordering a Jack and Coke. He sat at the stool beside her and scrolled through his smart phone. She let out a deep exhale as she took a sip of her wine. He asked what was the matter. She said, “Oh it’s just been a long week”. He replied, “Oh yeah I completely understand and thank God for Happy Hour”. The two sat and talked for awhile he introduced himself as David but he would rather be called Dave. Raquel was smitten by her new gentleman friend as she surprised herself as she had never really been into white men. The two chatted over a few more drinks before deciding to leave the bar. When they stepped outside into the whipping cold air of the December evening. The two climbed walked three blocks down the busy downtown street to the high rise condo building that Dave lived in. The doorman guided the two in and let them up to the penthouse floor. Raquel entered the expensive condo as Dave told her to make herself at home as he took her coat and scarf. He guided her to his living room where he made the two a glass of champagne to sip in front of his electric fireplace.  Raquel removed her leather knee boots as Dave caught her feet and massaged them. The two talked while Dave ran his hands over her body. Raquel felt herself becoming more turned on by her new friend. She was way out of her comfort zone and enjoyed every minute of it. She leaned in closer to kiss his lips. Like two people who had known each other for years Dave kissed her back and wrapped his arms around his brown skinned companion. Raquel began unbuttoning his shirt as he undid his tie. She opened the shirt to see the hard abs she had been feeling on as they kissed. She ran her hands over the tattoos on his chest. He helped her stand as she seductively undressed for Dave. He felt his dick growing harder under his slacks he unbuttoned and slid them down as she slowly removed her blouse and skirt. There she stood in her lace black lace pantie set. she stood in front of Dave as he licked his lips at her slender frame. She stood at about 5 foot 4 inches without her heels and her small breasts and and deliciously plump ass complimented her long legs perfectly. Raquel bent down to kiss Dave some more as she licked his lips and bit his bottom lip. She slid her hand down to feel the massive erection that she saw bulging in Dave’s boxer briefs. She released it and her mouth watered at the length and thickness of his dick.. She remained standing and bent down with her ass high in the air and sucked in the tip of his dick.  She sucked hard causing Dave to squirm in his seat. He could hear the wetness of her mouth as she sucked and slurped on his dick. Raquel thought to herself how she always wanted to lose her inhibitions and be sexually free with a stranger. She massaged his balls with her left hand as she stroked and sucked his dick with her right hand. Dave put his hands on her head as he received the best head of his life. He tried to stop her but she wouldn’t let the dick out of the grasp oh her hand and mouth. He finally got her free and slid his back down on the sofa and told her to straddle his face while he sat on the couch. She slipped out of her panties and sat her pussy on his awaiting tongue. He sucked the outter lips of her pussy before while slipping his tongue inside of her. She tasted delicious on his tongue,he palmed her ass as he pushed her pussy onto his tongue more. Raquel moaned as she held on to the wall behind the sofa for leverage. Raquel began to grind her hips slowly on his face causing him to lick her faster bringing her to moan out loud as she came on his tongue and face. She climbed of his face and told him not to move as she lowered herself onto his dick. She kissed his still wet face soaked with her delicious juices. she kissed him as she worked her hips on his dick. he held her waist as she maneuvered her ass up and down. She put her feet behind her resting her ankles on his knees as she continued her ride on Dave. He was ready to take control as he stood with his dick still in her and slowly bounced her on his dick as he stood in front of the fireplace. She dug her nails into his back as she screamed in orgasm. Dave walked with her to the wall and placed her back against it as he held her and fucked her hard. She ran her hands over his sweaty head as he kissed her and made her orgasm. He let her to the floor and turned her around she bent with her hands on the wall as he entered her from the back. he stood still as she worked her body back and forth on his dick. He moaned at the sensation. Dave slapped her ass and told her to fuck him. She moved faster as he met her thrusts as he held her shoulders, Raquel orgasmed and her knees went week as Dave followed her to the floor and continued his pleasing of her body as he laid on his side behind her and massaged her breasts as he slowly slid in and out of her. Raquel was out of breath as she lay there, she had never come this much. Dave lifted her leg and thrusted her pussy from the back as she rubbed her clit. She begged him to fuck her harder and harder. Dave did his best as he fucked her and felt the cum build up in his balls..She told him to cum on her. He gave her a few more valiant strokes before moaning and releasing all over Raquel’s stomach. The two lay there in an embrace sweating a lil drunk and breathing hard……END

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