December 12, 2011
Born Day……..

Eric sat at his desk anxious and angry it was birthday and his wife Jessica had not as much as called to say Happy Birthday to him. He couldn’t wait to get home to give his so called wife a piece of his mind. Eric sped through the streets of DC coming to rolling stops at most of the stop signs. He sped down his street in the quiet residential area he lived in. He entered the single family home taking off his coat and slamming his keys on the living room table. He entered the dining room still fuming to see Jessica dressed in a tight red dress. That stopped above her knees. Eric could smell her perfume as she hugged him and sucked on his ear lobe. She whispered in his ear “Happy Birthday Baby…I have a hot bath up stairs waiting on you”. Eric kissed her lips and sucked her tongue into his mouth. Eric went up the stairs and undressed and slipped into the warm garden style tub…Jessica set up a glass of Cognac beside the tub for Eric to sip on…he relaxed in the warm bath before cleaning his body. While drying off Eric could soft music playing and wondered where it was coming from…He mad his way to the bedroom to get dressed and meet his wife down stairs. Eric entered the bedroom to see the room dimly lit with the sweetest smelling candles burning and his wife’s open arms beckoning him into her arms…he came closer as she moved back for him to sit in front of her as she massaged his shoulders and licked his ears again. Eric could feel his arm hairs rise as her soft, wet, warm tongue touched his ears. His eyes closed in pleasure as he felt his penis rise under his towel. Jessica continued her massage of Eric’s shoulders before stopping to grab the blindfold she was sitting on. She blindfolded her husband and told him to relax as she continued her massage. She loosened his towel to free his erection. His dick stood straight up like a soldier at attention….She asked Eric was he ready for his birthday gift…he said yes!!!…she said would you like some birthday head?….he said YES BABY!!…Jessica signaled with her left hand as a tall dark skinned woman with long brown hair entered quietly and kneeled between Eric’s legs and grabbed his dick with both hands before sucking the tip of his dick..Eric was shocked cause he still felt his wife’s hands on his shoulders…she removed his blindfold as for him to see his beautiful pleaser..Jessica said baby this is Dara and she is your birthday gift..Jessica stood behind Dara as she sucked Eric’s dick. Eric laid back on the bed as Dara sucked him into her mouth spitting slurping and jerking his dick..Eric’s dick filled her mouth as she moaned and put his hands on the back of her head…Eric fucked her mouth as he watched Jessica undress while she watched Dara please her man. Jessica moved around to kiss Erica he asked who the woman was she said she’s the new chick at my job but don’t worry about that… Jessica climbed on Eric’s face as he extended his tongue to taste her sweet juices. His tongue went deep inside her as he moaned from the spectacular oral job Dara was doing. Dara raised from the oral she was giving to move up to straddle Eric’s dick. She rode him slow as his thick dick stretched her tight pussy. Dara smacked Jessica’s ass as she watched her get her pussy devoured. Jessica climbed off Eric’s face as he grabbed Dara’s hips and thrusted his penis into her making her moan loudly..Jessica kissed Dara’s lips as her husband abused her wet pussy…Jessica told Eric to fuck her hard. Jessica moaned as Eric did as he wife told him. He flipped Dara over onto all fours and slammed his dick deep into her pussy she gripped the sheets of the bed as she moaned. Jessica moved in front of Dara and spread her legs pushing her face onto her pussy. Eric knew his wife had been with women back in college but he had never seen her get her pussy ate by another woman. Eric was turned on more as his wife gripped Dara’s hair as he pounded her pussy. The couple looked each other in the eye and realized they were both enjoying this birthday gift. Eric rolled Jessica on her side as she continued to lick his wife’s pussy he thrusted his dick inside her as Jessica wrapped her legs around her face. The three were a sweaty mess as they fucked hard and Dara licked Jessica into orgasm after orgasm. Eric Dara onto her back and spread her legs far apart as he powered into her warm pussy. Jessica had been fucked in a way that hadn’t been fucked ever and was ready to make her pleaser cum. Jessica kissed Erica and told him to fuck her hard. Dara moaned as Eric slide smoothly in and out of her. her toes curled and she felt herself lose control as she orgasmed and squirted pussy fluids all over the couple. The sensation made Eric’s body tingle as he pulled out his dick and released his warm cum all over her stomach and breasts. Dara lay there with cum on her body up to her round C cup breasts exhausted on the brink of sleep as the couple kissed and over top of her ravaged body. END

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