November 18, 2011
The Ride Home….Pt.2

Kim rested her head on Carlos shoulder the remainder of the ride to the bus station in DC. Carlos stood to get his bags from the top of the bus ans slipped Kim a note that had the address to the Grand Hyatt in China Town. The card read room 613 3:00pm Saturday. Carlos didnt say a word and exited the bus. Kim thought to herself how she stepped outside of her comfort zone to please the handsome stranger on the bus. Her heart raced in anticipation of meeting up with Carlos to finish what she started on the bus…..(next day) Kim got dressed still excited anticipating what was in store she got the tight black dress out that she wore on dates and to the club on the random nights she decided to go out. She slipped the tight fitting dress over her body….she wore no panties just a bra to support her round C cup breasts…she put on her leopard print peep toe pumps that gave a tease her well pedicured toes…Kim looked herself over in the mirror very pleased at what she saw as she sprayed a pump of Vera Wang perfume on her neck. Kim exited the cab to the Hyatt at 2:55pm…..Making her way inside as the men heading to the sports bar admired by her frame she was average height with a shape that made most men drool….She pressed the button to the sixth floor of the hotel, she stepped on the elevator as it moved slowly up she felt herself become nervous…*BING* the doors opened and there stood Carlos dressed in black slacks and a short sleeved white button up….he held in his hand two glasses of Moscato as he escorted her to his room….the blinds were closed with candles burning leading to the living area of the plush room….he directed her to sit on the couch and make herself comfortable….Kim sipped her wine as the two talked and got to know each other….Kim was on her third glass of wine when Carlos stood to massage her shoulders she sat her glass of wine down and enjoyed his strong hands on her shoulders…..she felt herself become weak and subdued under his touch…..Carlos moved his strong hands down her chest and back up to her shoulders…Kim laid her head back in relaxation as Carlos massaged her shoulders….Carlos took Kim by the hand and lead her to the bedroom where he had aroma therapy candles burning around the bed…Kim stood with her back to Carlos as he kissed her neck as she stood in front of the bed….Kim could feel his erection on her ass through his slacks….she grinded on his crotch as he palmed her round breast through her dress…he slid the front of it down as he licked her neck, ears, and back….he undid her bra and let her round breast fall out and stand to attention…Kim felt herslef become aroused at what her latin lover was doing….Carlos let the dress fall to the floor excited at the site of the pantiless Kim….Her ass buldged out in a way¬†that Carlos found perfect….her directed her to the bed and laid her on her back…she left her pumps on turning Carlos on more…..he spreaded her legs and slide between her legs kissing her lips….Kim kissed him passionately as she took his shirt off….Carlos slid his tongue over her neck inhaling the frangrance of her perfume….he palmed her breast as he sucked one into his mouth….her nipples were brown and perky…..Carlos thought to himself these are the prettiest breast he had ever seen….he payed special attention them as he nibbled and sucked them before moving down her stomach…he slid his tongue down her left leg and lifted it to remove the leopard print pump he licked held her foot high as he licked every where down to Kim’s perdicured toes….Kim moaned at the feel of his wet tongue on her feet…Carlos moved to the other foot and repeated the same process from the left….he slid his tongue back up her right leg he got to her inner thigh and bit her softly before placing his tongue on her clit….he sucked her clit with a wet slurping sound and licked the length of her pussy….Kim ran her hands through Carlos’s hair as he tongue fucked her pussy….he licked and sucked here pussy hard bringing her to raise her hips from the bed as she orgasmed with his tongue inside of her….Carlos then flipped her on her stomach and started at the back of her neck and licked down pulling her hips to make her ass poke up….Carlos slid his tongue between her cheeks and licked her ass…Kim had never had a tongue in her ass and the sensation was driving her wild she begged Carlos to stop because it felt so good…he didnt stop he licked more and more making her toes curl and her scream out as she came…Carlos pulled her up on all fours and stood to the floor to let his pants fall…Kim looked back to see his long dick standing erect she asked to suck it he said no….he pushed her head down and she hiked her ass high to let Carlos slide inside her….Kim moaned loudly as Carlos shoved in and out of her slowly….he could tell Kim was not used to a man of his size he took his time smacking her ass as her pussy adjusted to his dick….he gradually picked up the pace smacking her ass as he went deep in her pussy….Kim was cumming againf and he felt her legs getting weak under her she fell to her stomach….Carlos layed on top of her slowly and powerfully thrusting inside her pussy…Kim bit down on the pillow as she orgasmed again and again…..Carlos rolled her on her side never taking his dick out of her he massaged her clit as he slid in and out of her now dripping pussy……he kissed her neck as they both were sweating from the passonate sex….Carlos slipped out of Kim and laid her on her back…..he kisse her mouth and asked her was she enjoying herself….she moaned yes as she sucked his tongue into her mouth….Carlos spread her legs far as he rubbed his dick on her clit teasing her body as she flinched in anticipation of his love stick entering her again…he pushed his dick in her deep she let out and inaudible moan as he teased her clit with his fingers as he pushed inside her….he put her legs on his shoulders licking her legs and ankles…..he thrusted in her faster and faster….he slowed down to look at Kim as she rubbed her clit….he moved her left leg down to his chest to sduck her toes once more while he slowly moved in and out of her…she told him to cum with her….Carlos picked up speed as he looked his beautiful partner in her eyes….he felt that familiar feeling in his stomach he told Kim he was going to cum….she screamed YES YES…..Carlos kisse her mouth as he sent his cum shooting inside her pussy her body clinched as she felt the cum fill her body….Carlos kissed her once more before standing from the bed….Kim lay there shivering from orgasm….Carlos smiled a cocky smile…she smirked…END (c)

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