November 15, 2011
Car Trouble………….

Rita drove around the interstate on her way home from her cousin’s bachelorette party. All she could think of was the stripper and the moves he performed on the bride to be and the other ladies at the party. Rita felt herself growing wet and uneasy as she sped home with the goal of taking advantage of her boyfriend Jeff. She was sure he was home playing his video game in front of their 50 inch tv. Rita tried to accelerate but felt her Benz lose power as she nervously pulled to the shoulder. Rita was pissed as she was only about two exits from home. She immediately called Jeff, he answered the phone and just as she thought she could hear gunfire in the background from his video game. She told him where she was as he gathered his things to come meet here. He agreed to call roadside assistance on his way….Rita sat in her car upset and horny from the party she had attended she found herself rubbing her 38 DD breasts as she sucked her fingers…..Rita was deep in thought and very horny when Jeff pulled behind her car in his i745 BMW….before he could get out the car Rita was climbing in his back seat. Jeff was confused as to why she got in the back..She sat and lifted her already short tight skirt over he plump round ass….she removed the black thongs and rubbed her clit. Jeff stared it utter amazement and confusion. He had never seen Rita act this freely….she rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy vigorously….Jeff could hear the wetness of her pussy..he turned the inside lights on to catch see her freshly waxed pussy and perky pierced nipples…..Jeff felt himself grabbing his dick as it felt like it would explode through his pants if he didn’t let it out of his pants…He stroked it slowly as he watched the love of his life pleasure herself on the red leather seats. Rita told Jeff to bring his dick back there so she could suck on it. Jeff climbed over the seat and sat with his pants around his ankles….Rita hunched on her knees and spit on Jeff’s dick as she grabbed it tight….she slurped on the head of his dick causing his muscles to clinch…she sucked his dick fast and sloppy…Jeff could hear the juices in her swish on his dick….Rita continued massaging her pussy as she sucked on Jeff….she moaned on his dick as she made herself cum again and again..Jeff head rolled back as he watched the cars speed by….Rita lifted her head and told Jeff that she wanted his dick….she straddled him as he slid his thick dick inside her….It was warm and tight almost bringing Jeff to orgasm upon entry. Rita rode Jeff slow as she kissed his lips and pushed her titties into his face….he sucked her nipples driving her body into more sensation…..Jeff grabbed Rita’s waist making her ride him harder….she moaned like a porn actress as his dick slithered in and out of her tight wet pussy…Jeff lifted her off with force as he flipped her on all fours with her hands on the back passenger side window….he slid in her pussy from the back as he smacked her ass hard making her moan and slide her pussy back and forth on his dick…Jeff picked up the pace as Rita screamed for him to fuck her with his big dick….Jeff grabbed the back of her neck and fucked her harder….Rita moaned and mumbled as he sent her body into orgasmic spasms….Jeff felt her pussy drench his seats with sweet pussy juice…Jeff flipped on her back and slammed all 10 inches of his dick inside her pussy…he fucked her harder than he had ever fucked anyone before. She moaned and screamed in pleasure for him to keep fucking her and that she loved him. Jeff put his hand around her neck and fucked her….she moaned that she was his nasty bitch he felt himself become more turned on as he felt her body orgasm again….Before he could pull out he felt himself release his cum into her pussy….she moaned at the feeling of the ward semen entering her body he fell back as they both breathed heavy…the held each other sweaty and pleasured until they saw the lights of the tow truck pull in front of Rita’s car….END

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