November 4, 2011
The Check Up

Kara sat in the lobby of her OB/Gyn’s office. She scanned throught the two month old TIME Magazine trying to find an article to occupy her mind while she waited for Dr, Jones to see her. She always sat in the waiting room for her check ups guessing what other patients may have been there for. She looked at the elderly woman with the coffee brown stockings and thought what the hell is she doing here, Before she knew it she hear her name being called to the exam room. Her body always tingled before these visits. She entered the room and it was business as usual the nurse took her vitals and told her to undress and climb on the table. After about five minutes Dr. Jones entered the office and greeted Kara with a smile and hello.┬áKara admired Dr.Jones he was in his late forties, and very well in shape. He instructed her to place her feet in the stirrups as Dr. Jones prepared to examine her….She was well prepared for the visit fresh from getting her vagina waxed and smelling as delicious as she tcould get it….Dr. Jones turned his back to put on his latex gloves and prepare to examine his he turned his jaw dropped in awe as he watched Kara slowly massage her clit. Dr. Jones didn’t say a word he just watched as the twenty two year old chocolate skinned woman pleased herself…She asked Dr. Jones if he wanted to taste her..He didn’t say he sat on his examination stool and licked her from asshole to clitoris and back down…Kara spread her pussy lips to let her doctor give her body some much needed lip therapy….Dr. Jones sucked her clit into his mouth with a big slurp and sucked on her throbbing clit…Her pussy tasted like fresh fruit on a warm summers day….she moaned as she she ran her hands over his waved salt and pepper hair….Kara had fantasized about this moment for the last six months after dreaming about her doctor for a week straight….Dr. Jones licked and sucked her clit like it would be the last time e would perform the task…Kara moaned at his skill she felt her body quiver as his lips covered her clit and his tongue entered her pussy his latex gloved hands stayed on her thighs as she shashed his fast deeper and deeper into her pussy…her toes curled as her hips lifted from the table as she felt her body orgasm as strong as it had ever done….The doctor continued his tongue lashing on the cleanly waxed love spot…..his intensity slowed as Kara massaged her erect nipples as Dr. Jones licked her thighs…Kara begged Dr. Jones to fuck her he smiled and refused as he went back to sucking her pussy as he entered 3 fingers in her pussy…she moaned at his strong fingers entering her he cuffed her G-Spot between his fingers and clit and sucked her clit hard….Dr. Jones could feel her pussy grip his fingers as she moaned loudly in orgasm…his fingers were dripping with her juices she breathed heavily as his wet fingers exited her he planted his full lips on her pussy to make sure she was clean of all dripping juices….He raised his head from between her legs and face shiny from her sweet juices, removed his gloves wiped his face and told Kara to make sure she followed up with an appointment a month from now…….End

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