October 24, 2011
New Suit……

Donald always dreaded going to the malls to buy clothes. Up coming was his 10 year high school reunion and he needed a suit for the semi formal affair. Donald was always the jeans and a t-shirt kind of guy.  Donald made his way to the busy mall on the late Saturday afternoon. The reunion was two weeks away and his friends were urging him to get to the mall and his clothes for the event. Donald browsed the suit section of the Bloomindales. Donald pondered on colors of suit but decided on a classic black Armani suit. He walked over to the fitting rooms and inquired about getting fitted to be sure he looked his best in the expensive suit. He asked the gentleman at the counter and was directed to the tailoring room on the other end of the section. Donald made his way down to the room where he was greeted by light brown skin woman of Hispanic decent. She greeted him and she introduced herself as Marcia with a smile and before long Donald was in his boxers on being fitted for his suit. She took the measurements for his blazer. Donald looked down at the pretty brown Latino woman with the long hair. She wore a tight fitting dress it was black and she accented the outfit with a pair of six inch leopard print heels. He could smell the subtle scent of her Bvlgari perfume. Donald looked down at the pretty woman as she measured and noted the measurements her large breasts sat high in the tight fitting dress. Donald always loved seeing a woman with beautiful breasts he imagined them in his mouth and his face between them. Marcia was measuring Donald’s inseam when she noticed his thick brown Penis peeking from under the bottom of his boxers. Marcia blushed at the sight of the large penis in her face she attempted to stay professional but she felt herself growing wet in her panties. Donald was embarrassed that he got an erection in front of her a perfect stranger. He tried to adjust himself but Marcia insisted he didn’t. She licked her lips as she stared at the thick penis as it peeked and moved under Donald’s striped boxers. Donald asked if she would like a better look at it. Marcia spoke in Spanish as she answered with “Si”. Donald dropped his boxers to his feet. Marcia’s eyed grew large as she saw the large thick brown love muscle of her client. She reached her small hands out to grab it with both hands. She squeezed it tight as she licked her lips. Donald leaned his head back as her small soft hands stroked his manhood. She asked could she taste his lollipop. Donald let out an exasperated YESSSSS! Marcia opened her mouth and took the head of his dick into her mouth. She sucked it slow as Donald stood on the tailor’s pedestal. Marcia twisted her hands in opposite directions as she slurped on the head of Donald’s throbbing dick….Marcia moaned erotically as she sucked her client, she always loved to give oral to a man with a big dick. Donald made a request to taste Marcia. She again answered Si…..she slowly undressed leaving only her pumps on her round C-cup breasts look large on her body. Donald picked her up as she wrapped her legs around his waste. He sucked her pretty titties as she moaned softly. Donald laid her on the tailor’s table and licked down her stomach to her Brazilian waxed pussy…he slid his tongue inside her and fucked her with his tongue. She moaned as she planted her pumps flat on the table and arched her back high. Donald followed her pussy and placed his hands under her ass as he sucked, licked and slurped on her pussy. His mouth was planted her pussy as he licked from her clit to asshole and back again. Donald savored the taste of the woman he rarely ate pussy but this time seemed different he couldn’t get enough of the sweet taste in his mouth. He stroked his dick in anticipation as she quivered in orgasm on his tongue. She asked him to stop and switch positions, he followed her instruction and lay on his back with his dick pointing to the ceiling she climbed on the table and squatted over his dick she lowered herself on his dick. Donald could feel the tightness of the petite woman’s pussy. He grabbed her ass and guided her up and down before she took over popping her wet pussy on his dick she leaned down so he could suck her titties. Donald licked and sucked her titties as he took her thrusting in her pussy while on his back. She muffled her moans afraid that her boss or other customers would hear her. Donald rolled her on her side and entered her from behind. He kissed her neck softly as he pushed himself on her deeper and deeper. Marcia orgasmed uncontrollably mumbling inaudible sounds. Donald continued his assault on her pussy she grabbed the edge of the desk as she came orgasmed again. Donald climbed from the table and picked Marcia up and guided her down onto his dick he stood in the middle of the floor as she rode his dick and kissed his lips. Shortly after Donald felt a tingling in his body and told Marcia he was about to cum she told him to put her down and as she dropped to her knees to jerk the cum out of his dick. The thick cum squirted out all over her breasts. They both let out a deep sigh. Marcia hurried to clean up and finished Donald’s measurements for his suit. Donald asked her to attend the reunion as his date and promised more fun……END

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