October 17, 2011
The Interview……

Victoria gathered her things in her car as the nervousness grew inside her….she grabbed her portfolio containing her resume and a list of her references. Victoria looked up at the tall building and made her way inside the lobby and up to the 20th floor of the building…She adjusted her clothes while looking at her reflection of gold elevator doors as they closed. She wore a business suit reminiscent of a sexier version of one Hillary Clinton would wear. Her skirt stopped at her knees and the jacket was buttoned over her white blouse that subtly hid her D-cup breasts….The doors opened as she walked to the desk to inform the receptionist that she was there to interview for the executive marketing position.  The gray haired woman working as a receptionist told her to have a seat and Mr. Davis would be with her in a few minutes. The gray haired lady’s phone rang and she answered “yes Mr. Davis? Ok right away.” The older woman hung up the phone and directed Victoria towards the door of Mr. Davis’ office. Victoria entered and sat in the leather chair across from the chocolate skinned man…….she felt herself look down to avoid him seeing her obvious attraction for him. Mr. Davis noticed but continued with the interview asking the usual mundane questions. Victoria answered the all with confidence…Mr. Davis said he had one last question and it was “What are you willing to do to get this position?”. Victoria thought of the best answer she could and shyly answered “I’d rather show you.” Victoria walked around the table unbuttoning her jacket and dropping it to the floor. Mr. Davis leaned back in his chair interested in what the tall slender woman was about to do to earn her a position with his company. Victoria straddled him giving him a better look at her breasts and letting him inhale the essence of her Dolce and Gabbana perfume. She held his arms down as she leaned in to lick his ear lobe as she whispered “You will hire me” Victoria could feel his erection growing through his slacks. she undid his tie as she kissed his lips. She told him she was the boss and he was to follow her instructions. He nodded his head in agreement as Victoria continued to kiss his lips as she slowly unbuttoned his neatly pressed white dress shirt…she opened the shirt to his see his firm chest under the tank top that fit his body as if it was painted on his body…Victoria could smell the scent of his Green Irish Tweed cologne, the scent made her tingle between her legs. She continued kissing Mr. Davis. He grabbed her in his arms and stood up as she wrapped her legs around his waist. The two kissed Victoria felt secure in the arms of the dark chocolate six foot five man…..Her five foot five frame seemed to melt in his arms. Mr. Davis lifted her skirt around her waist to expose her pantiless ass…He grabbed her soft brown ass as she kissed and rubbed her hands over the spinning waves on his freshly cut hair. Mr. Davis sat her on his desk and continued kissing her neck as Victoria quickly unbuttoned her blouse to give her chocolate lover a view of her D-Cups…..he stepped back to see her perfect breasts fall from her bra. Her breasts were round like cantaloupes with large perky nipples…Mr. Davis grabbed them and sucked one into his mouth licking and sucking leaving her chest wet and her pussy wetter. Victoria moaned and let her hands wander to undo the belt on his slacks. She got the belt loose and on to the button on his pants. He stood tall to let her get to what she was fighting for. She undid his button and slid the zipper down as she violently pulled his pants down. His erect 10 inches stood at attention. Victoria’s mouth watered, her pussy throbbed and her heartbeat rapidly. Mr. Davis took his tank top off to reveal his six pack abs and pectorals. Victoria dropped to her knees and grabbed the base of his dick with two hands. She jerked is dick in a twisting motion before sliding her full lips on it. She took him into her mouth with a tight suction on the tip of his dick….he could hear the saliva in her mouth moisten his erect weapon….she sucked moving her head faster and faster…he felt his legs get weak and fell back into his leather chair…she crawled between his legs to finish her task…..she sucked a few more times before he stopped her feeling himself ready to fill her mouth with his cum…she stood and bent over the desk in his face,. She told him to put his tongue in…..Mr. Davis gladly savored her juices into his mouth as he sucked on her freshly waxed vagina he massaged her clitoris as he tongued fucked her pussy…Victoria’s legs shook as she orgasmed…she tried to gram for something on the desk but found nothing to grab she knocked the papers off the desk as he licked from her pussy to asshole…he licked her ass as she moaned out loudly…….Mr. Davis stood and kissed her mouth sucking her tongue again Victoria melted in his arms. He picked her up as he stood in front of his desk he lowered Victoria onto his dick. Her pussy was tight and gripped his dick like a vice, she grabbed him tight scratching his strong back„.he thrust his dick deep in her pussy walls…Victoria let out moans of pleasure in his hear telling him not to stop. He bounced her faster on his dick…She whispered in his ear that she wanted another taste of his dick. Without missing a beat he flipped her into a standing 69 as he licked her clit  while she sucked her juices from his dick. He put her down and walked her to the large pane window. He bent her over and slid his dick in her as the viewed the city from the 20th floor….he gripped her hair as he stretched her pussy to the limit with his weapon…Victoria slammed her ass back into him as she watched the cars below move past….he smacked her with his left hand and put his right on the back of her neck….he could feel her orgasm her juices squirted all down his legs….Victoria wanted her lover to reach his climax she guided him back to where they started and straddled him in the chair….she rode him with like she had a new found energy…he grabbed her ass cheeks as she sped up the pace…Victoria pushed herself to orgasm three times before Mr. Davis told her he was  ready to cum….she got off of his dick and dropped to her knees and squeezed his dick between her titties….his eyes rolled back as she he titty fucked her cumming all over her round melon like breasts……she walked to the back of the room and grabbed the box of wipes she cleaned herself dressed and left the office. The receptionist said “Have a good day Mrs. Davis.” Victoria looked back and replied tell him to pick up a gallon of milk on hiS way home…..END

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