September 21, 2011
A day at the Park

Ray sat in his car in the parking lot of the Chipotle restaurant…the two hadn’t seen each other since they had graduated college 3 years prior…..Tonya pulled up in a black Chevy Tahoe with tinted windows all around….Ray thought to himself how hood Tonya always was….the two hugged and went to get their food….they sat ate and decided to go to a nearby park to converse more….once at the park they sat on a bench and Ray noticed Tonya’s full lips seemed juicier than he remembered….Ray could tell she had been keeping up with her exercising she was toned yet soft in the right places……there was always a connection between the two of them but it was always platonic….there Tonya stood feeding the ducks in the pond as Ray came up from behind playfully attempting to push her in…he caught her and hugged her from behind saving her…she poked her ass on his crotch causing his manhood to instantly rise….Ray held her for a second to see if what he was feeling was intentional…Ray turned her and gave his friend the kiss he always dreamed he would give her on her lips…they kissed…and kissed and kissed….families walked past as they held each other kissing…..the two held hands and walked back to Tonya’s truck and the parking lot….they sat in the back seat and embraced and shared more kisses….Ray had wanted this for a long time but never had the opportunity…..he unzipped her sweat shirt and found she was not wearing an undershirt just a pink lace bra that complimented her round D cup breasts….he laid her back and started at her navel and made his way up to her chest….she moaned softly at his touch….she helped undo her bra to release her titties to be sucked by Ray…..her titties bounced out as Ray paid special attention to her perky nipples…he sucked squeezed and gently nibbled on her nipples….Tonya bit her lips and told Ray she wanted his mouth on her pussy…..Ray didn’t say a word he just made his just slid her Capri sweat pants down to see her pantiless and a view of her freshly waxed pussy……Ray didn’t waste time he went right to licking her pussy……Tonya laid back on the seat as she saw patrons at the park walking around….the outside world  was a non-factor….Ray paid special attention to sucking on Tonya’s clit… was perfect size for sucking….he fingered her pussy with 2 fingers….he could feel her juices drown his fingers in her wetness…..Tonya was pushed to orgasm as Ray continued devouring her womanly…….Tonya told Ray to stop and sit back on the seat….she kissed his mouth that was still wet with her juices…she immediately went for the buckle on Rays belt and soon had his jeans unbuttoned….. He lifted to slide his pants around his ankles……Tonya grabbed his dick firmly and jerked it slow….she whispered in his ear and licked his ear lobe “you like how my pussy tastes” he nodded “you want me to suck your dick” he nodded again, Tonya played with the precum dripping from the tip of his dick before wrapping her full lips around his dick…..she slurped spit and sucked Ray……she cuffed his balls in her right hand while jerking his dick with her left……Ray had to stop her he knew he would cum and wanted her pussy so bad……he told her to climb on him…..Tonya moaned as her tight pussy slid down on Ray’s dick she moved slow yet seductive while Ray palmed her ass and sucked her nipples….Ray guided her up and down on his dick savoring the warmth of her body they kissed like two lovers who were in tuned to each other’s bodies for years……Ray licked on Tonya neck as he held her close to his chest while she worked her hips on his dick…….Ray laid her on the seat on her back without taking himself out her…he looked her in her eyes as he pushed himself deep inside her he closed his eyes as he kissed her lips….their bodies moved in motion like the waves in the ocean…..Tonya felt herself cumming and grabbed Ray’s back she scratched him as her body exploded in orgasm…..she had never orgasmed this hard before…it felt like it wouldn’t stop….Ray continued moving in and out of her smoothly…..she tried to scream his name but the words got lost as she opened her mouth…..Ray held her as her orgasms ended…their bodies were both sweating and their heavy breathing was settling……she told Ray to let her get on all fours…..she bent over with her head near the passenger side window….Ray pushed in slowly grabbing her hips…she told him to stay still as she moved her ass back and forth on his dick…..he could hear her juices splash on his dick……it felt so good she brought herself closer to orgasm telling Ray to cum with her….Ray felt his body tingle and told her he was going to cum….she told Ray to cum insider her he yelled out I’m cumming she moaned loudly as they orgasmed together…..they both fell to the seat and Ray held her as they kissed and listened to slow jams on the radio….The day they both always wanted had come true…..END

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