September 19, 2011
Late Pick UP…….

So I come to your day care to get my son….I’m late and you inform me that his granny picked him up and that u had to discuss the late policy You tell me to sit as u finish straightening up the room….I watch you back and forth in your six inch heels tight slacks and blouse that shows just the right amount of cleavage….you finally sit and tell me that I owe u big time for all the late pick ups….I ask you how much?… tell me $$$ is not an option….I look surprised and as what do I have to do….u tell me for starters to rub your shoulders….I hesitantly stand and massage your shoulders as u type notes You tell me to stop as you turn your chair and lift up your 6 inch heel and tell me to massage your feet…..I rub and rub your eyes roll back in relaxation……I ask what else do I need to do….u tell me not to rush you……you stand and tell me to undo your blouse….I follow your command and your large round breasts tease me….you tell me to slowly kiss them…..I do……you tell me to undo your bra while I kiss them…..I do your nipples jump out at me as the bra falls to the floor…I lick and suck your breasts while u caress my freshly shaved head You make me stop….I don’t want to but I do….you tell me to undo your slacks…I do and slide your pants to the floor….your sexy lace panties match your bra… bend over your desk and let me admire your body… sit on your desk and tell me to sit in your chair….you spread your legs and I can see the dampness of your panties… tell me take a closer look as u pull them to the side….I get close and you tell me to lick the clit…..I lay my tongue on your clit and lick u grind on my face as I lick your clit vigorously, your moaning and pushing my face in deeper I feel your body tensing….you stop just before climaxing and bend over your desk and tell me to eat u from the back I oblige you my tongue is deep in your pussy as you fuck my face….I feel your body tense more you scream out in pleasure that your cumming I suck and lick harder as your legs get weak and your shaking from a strong climax… tell me I’ve done well and you look forward to more late pick ups…..END

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