September 18, 2011
The Ride Home

Kim boarded the Grey Hound bus for the second part of her trip home to DC from North Carolina. She sat near the back of the bus which was crowded with all types of people. She sat and thought that maybe next time she would take a flight. Here it was 3am and she is on a crowded bus. She sat near the window as everyone loaded onto the coach as the driver called it. Kim felt someone sit down beside her she opened her eyes to see a handsome Latin guy sitting beside her…..she could smell his YSL cologne and the scent always drove her crazy….he spoke to her introducing himself as Carlos….she told him her name and put her head back onto the window…..The bus departed for its journey to the nations capital. Kim slept most of the ride unknowingly laid her head on Carlos’ shoulder. He didn’t mind seeing as the pretty brown skin woman was tired. Kim slept and breathed in the cologne that always made her tingle in the panties. Kim felt herself running on the chest of Carlos he didn’t stop her as she rubbed him all over. He continued tweeting from his phone as he felt his dick grow hard under his sweat pants. Kim sniffed and kissed at Carlos’ neck before putting her tongue on his ear lobe. Carlos sat still unsure about what to do. It was 4am and most of the people on the bus were asleep. Kim nibbled on his ear and licked on his neck. She whispered in his ear that he smelled delicious to her. Carlos didn’t respond he just sat back and enjoyed. Kim rubbed on his chest which turned her on even more. Kim slowly kissed Carlos on his cheeks and turned his head to kiss his lips. They kissed biting and sucking each others lips. Carlos moved his hands to feel her soft body he moved his large strong hands across her large breasts. Carlos traded places and gave Kim the needed attention on her neck and lips she was asking for….he took his time kissing on the woman he had just met an hour earlier. Kim tugged at Carlos’ sweat pants feeling the throbbing erection that was trying to escape the grasp of his boxers. Kim got her hands on Carlos’ dick and was pleased at what she felt. It filled her hand with its thickness and length….she tugged at firmly as Carlos kissed her in the mouth. She took her time jerking his big dick with both hands driving Carlos wild….he tried his best to muffle his moans……He whispered in here ear to taste it….Kim slid the front of his pants down and the long, thick dick was in her face…..she licked the tip before sliding her mouth down on it as far as it would go….Carlos squirmed in his seat as her head bobbled up and down on his dick….she took his dick out of her mouth and jerked it with both hands massaging her saliva into his skin…she continued her job of sucking Carlos he grabbed the back of her head and guiding her mouth down on his man hood. She came of up for short gasps of air and continued sucking….Kim felt his body tense as his toes curled she can tell he was almost to climax….she sucked faster while she massaged his shaft with her tongue…..Carlos grab the arm rests of the seats while and held back the loud moan he had inside while cumming into Kim’s waiting mouth…she sucked and sucked…Carlos let out a slight moan as Kim milked his balls for all the cum he had……Kim pulled her mouth from his dick and licked her lips clean….she asked how was that? Carlos couldn’t answer…..Kim smiled and sat back in her seat IPOD on and finished her nap…….To be continued in DC

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