September 15, 2011
Submissive Sally

Derrick sat on the balcony of the ten story luxury condo he and his wife Sally had purchased three years earlier. Derrick or D as he was called drank from his glass of Vodka and cranberry as his he waited on Sally to from the kitchen with his next drink. She slid the glass door open and stepped onto the balcony with her black six inch heels thigh high garters, lace Victoria secret boy shorts with the matching bra. Sally handed D his drink as he finished his first. D looked at Sally with the sternest look she had ever seen and told her to stand and let him look at her. D sat there and looked his wife up and down her chocolate skin still turned him on after four years of marriage. It was 7:30 pm and the neighbors in the adjoining building could surely see Sally on all her sexy glory standing on the balcony if they glanced out of their windows. Derrick summoned Sally to rub his shoulders while he drank his drink. Derrick leaned his head back while Sally rubbed his shoulders to kiss his Sally’s breast. Sally leaned in more to kiss the lips of D….D kissed her passionately as he leaned back in his chair. The sun began setting on the warm late September day. D set his glass on the table and told Sally to come around and kiss his neck. Sally leaned in and Derrick could smell the scent of the Gucci perfume that she wore it turned him more. Sally puckered her full lips to kiss D’s neck the¬†Guerlain lipstick imprinted On D’s neck. Sally moved all over D’s neck planting kisses softly, she moved to is chest planting kisses before moving to his lips to suck his tongue and bottom lip into her mouth. Sally stood and reached out to Derrick for his hand. Derrick grabbed her hand as she escorted him through the lush apartment to the dark candle lit bedroom. Derrick stood in the middle of the room and beckoned for Sally to undress him, Sally kissed his lips as she lifted the white tank top over his head. She continued kissing his lips as she undid his belt and unbuttoned his slacks his pants dropped to his feet. Sally began kissing down his stomach and slid her hands around the band of his black boxer briefs before sliding them to his feet. Derrick stepped out of the boxers as his rock hard dick leapt to attention in the face of Sally. Sally’s mouth watered at the sight of Derrick’s erection. Sally asked to taste it…Derrick granted her permission but told her to not use her hands at all….Sally put both hands behind her back and opened her mouth wide to receive Derrick into her mouth…..she wrapped her full lips around his dick and sucked him in hard using her tongue to massage his dick…she made loud slurping sounds as her head moved in rhythmic motion sucking Derrick to the point of his legs becoming weak….he begged for her to stop but she continued until he pulled himself out of her mouth she made a loud gasping sound as the large dick exited her mouth. Derrick told her to lie on the bed. She climbed to the bed and lay on her back. Derrick straddled her and leaned into kiss her as he cuffed her left hand to the bed…he sucked her tongued in to his mouth as he cuffed her right hand. Derrick then blind folded Sally she felt excitement through her body as Derrick rubbed an ice cube from his glass on her lips….she jumped as the ice was rubbed on her neck and down to her nipples…..her nipples perked up extra hard as the cube melted a little on her hot skin….Derrick moved the ice cube with his mouth down her stomach she arched her back in anticipation…..Derrick slid the ice down her thighs teasing her….the blindfold enhanced every lick and suck of Sally….Derrick slid her panties off and returned to do some feasting on her pussy….Derrick licked Sally’ clit and sucked into his mouth before slipping two fingers in her pussy and his pinky into her ass…he sucked her clit while his fingers pushed Sally to cum on his face…:e continues to lick and suck as she lifted her hips and jerked and squirmed in pleasure…….she begged Derrick to fuck her….Derrick lifted to his knees and slid his dick on her pussy….she begged him to push inside of her….he slid in and felt the wet warmth of Sally….she moaned as he kissed her and fucked her wet pussy….he picked up the pace fucking her harder…..he slowed to play with her clit bringing her to cum…he felt her juices roll down his balls….Derrick spread her legs and pushed deep into her Sally moaned and mumbled loudly as she came again and again…..Sally begged to fucked from behind….Derrick uncuffed on hand and flipped Sally over….Derrick grabbed Sally’s hair and fucked her hard….he smacked her ass as she screamed his name in pleasure….Derrick stood still as Sally bounced her ass on him….Derrick felt himself tingle and his eyes roll in his head Sally told him to cum all over her ass….he fucked her harder before feeling his balls empty Derrick pulled out and covered Sally’s ass in warm cum……Sally fell to her stomach shivering with her pussy throbbing…..END

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